Project Management: Beyond the Basics


In this course, participants will explore the behaviors and characteristics of outstanding leaders and relate them to project team leadership. Participants also will improve the effectiveness of their project communications through:

  • stakeholder analysis
  • techniques to influence and build credibility with decision-makers
  • expanded understanding of culturally diverse teams
  • problem-solving with team members over whom they may have no formal authority
  • preparation for and conduct of principled negotiations

During week two, participants will have the opportunity to synthesize their learning between this course and its prerequisite, Project Management Essentials, by working on a real case scenario and developing a final project proposal with a group presentation.


Project Management Essentials or instructor approval.

This course may be taken independently or combined with other required courses to earn the Project Management Essentials Certificate.

NEW! Associated Course!

Extended Studies is now offering a PMP/CAPM Credential Exam Preparation course for project managers seeking certification through the Project Management Institute. (The course does not apply to the Project Management Essentials Certificate.)

No sections of this course are currently being offered.