Microsoft Access Essentials


In the first half of this in-depth, 12-hour course exploring the essentials of Microsoft Access 2016, you'll learn database concepts including terminology and data management, and create a table to store all the important fields of information. To extract just what you want from the table, you’ll create queries, which are questions. Queries are very powerful objects in Access, so a great deal of class time will be dedicated to learning about their possibilities, including finding and sorting data, as well as creating calculations.

In the second half of the class, you’ll improve your data input screens using forms and create reports to print the information from your tables or queries. Course participants will also export data to Excel to see how it can be used for a mail merge in Word. The course will conclude with a discussion of multiple-table databases and the relationships between them.

Please note: This course was previously listed as Microsoft Access Basics.

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No sections of this course are currently being offered.