Online Marketing Strategies for Small Business Owners


Spring 2018 will be the final chance for students to complete courses in the Social Media and Digital Marketing Certificate Program. The program and courses will be discontinued in June 2018.

You have all the tools you need for effective social media marketing — a blog and accounts on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter. The next step is developing strategies for using these tools effectively to improve your bottom line. In this hands-on class, you’ll learn how successful businesses large and small are using social media effectively and brainstorm social media strategies that will grow your online reach and extend your market.

Topics will include:

  • Marketing your business using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Using and optimizing the basic tools of social media - scheduling, statistics, do's and don'ts, and ads
  • Driving traffic to your website as a key marketing strategy
  • Using your blog to drive people to your website and to enhance your website's position and your brand in the eyes of consumers
  • Leveraging Facebook, the reigning social media king, to build your expertise and communicate with customers
  • Engaging consumers and finding and building lifelong ambassadors using authentic visual content

Please note: Students who are new to social media are asked to have active accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram prior to the beginning of the class. Brief online tutorials for setting up these accounts will be made available after registration.

This course may be taken independently or applied toward the requirements of the Social Media and Digital Marketing Certificate.
No sections of this course are currently being offered.