The Human Factor of Project Management


Improve your ability to bring in projects on time and within budget. Learn new strategies for creating empowered, sustainable teams quickly and easily by discovering how and why you and your team members think, act, make decisions and meet challenges. In this course, you’ll develop a new approach to managing the complexities of working with project teams and the variables that are introduced when diverse individuals with different needs, values, backgrounds and skills are assembled to work together.

You’ll gain methods for understanding behavior and building upon diverse strengths to create more powerful, effective teams. You also will learn ways to anticipate, understand and overcome some of the more common threats to creating strong, high functioning teams. In addition, you’ll develop methods for recognizing the needs, motivators and communication styles of your counterparts so that you can adapt your style to increase compatibility, as well as methods for recognizing opportunities to create connections between team members to improve morale and productivity.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Develop strategies to minimize interpersonal conflicts and maximize the ability of team members to work together
  • Learn methods to facilitate teams that are aligned toward a common goal, invested in each other's success and committed to helping each other reach their highest potential
  • Achieve balance in your work life and improve effectiveness working with multiple personality types
  • Improve your ability to bring in projects on time and within budget

This course may be taken independently or combined with other required courses to earn the Project Management Essentials Certificate. It may instead be applied toward the elective requirements of a 10-course certificate in Human Resources Management or Supervisory Management offered through Extended Studies if not applied toward the completion requirements of the Project Management Essentials Certificate. Please contact Amy Ginder for more information about certificate requirements.

NEW! Associated Course!

Extended Studies is now offering a PMP/CAPM Credential Exam Preparation course for project managers seeking certification through the Project Management Institute. (The course does not apply to the Project Management Essentials Certificate.)

No sections of this course are currently being offered.