Beginning Photoshop Online


This course is designed for the beginning Photoshop user who has little or no experience. The course will begin with Photoshop’s basic interface structure, then move on to working with single and multiple images. The course will cover image composition and photo retouching, as well as graphic design skills, including working with type and layer styles.

Online Module 1: Introduction and Overview

  • Interface introduction
  • Open single and multiple images, and switching between
  • Navigating and magnifying images
  • Selecting parts of images and moving them to other images
  • Removing backgrounds
  • Scaling and transforming parts of an image
  • Using type tools and layer styles for graphics design
Online Module 2: Exploring Tools and Modes
  • Introduction to Adobe Bridge
  • Understanding image resolution, file formats and color modes
  • Overview of proper image workflow
  • Using the crop tool
  • Exploring Photoshop drawing tools
  • Advanced image selection
Online Module 3: Retouching and Manipulating Images
  • Filters
  • Photo retouching skills with the clone and healing tools
  • Manipulating images with the liquefy tool
  • Combining filters and retouching tools for powerful results
Online Module 4: Blending Modes and Color Correction
  • Introduction to blending modes
  • Using the dodge and burn tools
  • Colorizing with blending modes
  • Introduction to tool blending modes
  • Understanding color profiles and calibration
  • Getting correct color from your printer or from a vendor

Course Structure
Extended Studies graphics courses are offered fully online in four weekly modules to be completed during the week they are offered. Each course lasts four weeks, and students will spend about five hours per week engaged in the course. Videos and class assignments that synthesize course content will be the primary learning tools. The program's structure enables students to receive personal feedback on their work from the instructor and allows students to interact with the instructor and other students via online discussions.

Each weekly course module begins on Tuesday. Previous work can be accessed and viewed anytime, but assignments must be submitted for the week before the beginning of the next weekly course module. While course material will be available for continued reference up to four weeks after the class ends, assignments must be turned in by the scheduled course end date in order to meet the requirements for earning a certificate of completion.

Participation Requirements
Participation in the course requires high-speed Internet access, the application installed on your computer and an email address. Courses are taught using the latest version of Adobe’s software, currently version CC, but older version “work-arounds” also are demonstrated for those not using the latest versions.

Certificate Requirements
Certificates of completion will be awarded at the conclusion of the course to participants who participate in all course modules and complete all required assignments by the course end date. Advanced courses require a working knowledge of software applications prior to enrollment.

See the Graphics Professional Series overview for links to more courses of interest to beginning and experienced graphic artists, web designers, photographers and students.

Course Section
Course: TECH 992-00
Term: 2175
Section Number: 1
Schedule Number: 2175TECH992
Instructor(s): M.D. Welch
Location: WebCampus Class (all online), Class delivered via Internet
  • May 23 - June 19, 2017 (Online)
  • Online Module 1 May 23 - May 29
  • Online Module 2 May 30 - June 5
  • Online Module 3 June 6 - June 12
  • Online Module 4 June 13 - June 19
Units: Non-Credit
Contact Hours: 12.0 Contact Hours
Notes: Individuals who register for all courses in a graphics professional certificate program at the same time may receive a 10% discount. To do so, please call (775) 784-4062 or (800) 233-8928 to register and ask for the discount. Completion of all courses is required; participant-initiated cancellations void the discount. Early registration fee $299 through May 3, 2017; $349 after May 3, 2017.