Microsoft Word Intermediate Topics: Advanced Formatting and Mail Merge


If you have mastered the basics of Microsoft Word, you’ll appreciate learning more about paragraph formatting with such tools as indent settings and custom tab stops. In this hands-on, six-hour intermediate course, you’ll learn how to use custom, reusable headers and footers in your documents, how to collaborate with colleagues while editing documents and much more, including how to use the mail merge tools to send the same letter to multiple recipients with a personalized greeting for each individual.

Topics will include:

  • Intermediate paragraph formats
  • Converting text into tables, and converting tables back into text
  • Creating reusable building blocks as “Quick-Parts”
  • Mastering “Track Changes” and redline documents
  • Creating templates to easily create consistent documents
  • Using mail merge

Knowledge, skills and experience required for this course:

  • Mastery of basic tasks such as save, open, print , clipboard, font, paragraph and editing groups on the home tab
  • Experience navigating the program tabs on the ribbon
  • Understanding of formatting and use of styles
  • Familiarity with bullets and tabs
  • Ability to produce envelopes and labels

Please note: This course is appropriate for anyone who has previously completed Word Essentials or Word Intermediate with Extended Studies. This course will build on your existing knowledge and experience, and you will leave with an even broader knowledge base.

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No sections of this course are currently being offered.