Advanced Mediation Certificate


Advanced Mediation Skills is a 24-hour, intensive, three-day course designed to offer mediators a deeper experience with the Facilitative model of mediation. Mediators who have completed a basic mediation course can increase their knowledge and skill base through an interactive curriculum that includes opening statements, multilayered questions, enhanced listening, advanced agreement writing, cultural and gender considerations, and multiparty/multi-issue mediations. This course offers a variety of advanced skill and self-awareness activities and role-plays. This course is a suitable advanced training for persons responsible for conflict management within their workplace, community mediators and those in private practice.

Course Objectives:

  • Review of the Facilitative model of mediation
  • Setting the tone of the mediation with the opening statement
  • Understanding how questions move the process forward
  • Building competency in listening
  • Improving agreements
  • Developing greater awareness of culture and gender nuances
  • Practice advanced skills for complex mediations

Pre-Requisite: Beginning Mediation training or equivalent.

No sections of this course are currently being offered.