Beginning Mediation and Conflict Resolution Certificate


Mediation and conflict resolution have become integral to building efficient operations and mutually beneficial relationships in the business world and our society. Developed by Extended Studies in partnership with the Neighborhood Mediation Center, this 40-hour training program prepares professionals from any industry to effectively resolve conflicts and mediate disputes, enhancing organizational efficiency.

Participants will develop skills and knowledge in conflict and negotiation theory, mediation practice, intervention, cultural considerations, mediation processes, communication strategies, ethics, standards of practice and more. To earn a certificate in Beginning Mediation and Conflict Resolution, students must complete the required 40 hours of training.

Program Topics

  • Conflict and negotiation theory
  • Models of intervention
  • Mediation theory and practice
  • Self-awareness and cultural considerations
  • Mediation process and techniques
  • Communication and facilitation strategies
  • Ethics and standards of practice
No sections of this course are currently being offered.