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“With a rising demand for coding skills in the job market, technical know-how has become one of the most sought-after résumé-builders.” — The Wall Street Journal

Extended Studies is pleased to offer three computer programming courses developed in partnership with the Reno Collective and designed to enhance your technical ability, build your résumé, and improve your analytical skills. Take courses independently, or complete all three to earn the new Introduction to Computer Programming Certificate. In Introduction to Computer Programming I: Basics, you will develop the increasingly valuable basic coding knowledge, technical aptitude and analytical skills potential employers in a wide range of industries seek. (No prior programming experience required.) In Introduction to Computer Programming II: Principles and Practices, you’ll gain more experience with new and expanded concepts and processes including variables, flow control, boolean logic, branching logic, iteration/looping, simple data types and more. In Computer Programming Essentials: Creating a Program, you’ll learn the essentials of building a program and write code in your own development environment.

Fall 2016 will be the final chance for students to complete courses in the Introduction to Computer Programming Certificate Program.

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