Upcoming Courses


TitleCourseTermSection#Instructor(s)Start DateEnd Date
Performance-Based Surveillance Operations GM 324-002175 1Mike Menz, Alan Zajic, Sal Piacente, Jessie Beaudoin8/21/20178/24/2017
Beginning Photoshop Online TECH 992-002178 1M.D. Welch8/22/20179/18/2017
Casinos: The Business of Marketing (online) GM 755-002178 1Judith Hayes, Dayna Hinkel8/27/20179/23/2017
Symphonic Choir PA 101-002178 1Paul Torkelson8/29/201711/28/2017
Applying Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace CX 146-002175 1Katherine Prendergast8/30/20178/31/2017


TitleCourseTermSection#Instructor(s)Start DateEnd Date
Business Writing for Results CX 132-002178 1Bill Brown9/7/20179/8/2017
Paralegal Studies Certificate PARA 101-002178 1James Spoo, J.D., Kerry Doyle, Esq.9/9/201712/3/2017
Advanced Composite Structures: Fabrication and Damage Repair – Phase I MFG 101-002178 1Lou Dorworth9/11/20179/15/2017
Professional in Human Resources (PHR) Study Program PHR 101-002178 1Karyn Jensen9/11/201712/4/2017
Employee Relations CHR 102-002178 1Kim McNamara9/12/20179/12/2017
Social Media Essentials: Building Effective Campaigns LEAD 103-002178 1Alison Gaulden9/12/20179/26/2017
Public Management: Goals and Practices CPM 101-002178 1Eric Herzik9/13/20179/13/2017
Management of Table Games GM 201-0012178 1Bob Ellsworth, William Zender, Bob Del Rossi9/18/20179/21/2017
The Human Factor of Project Management CPML 208-002178 1Kevin Ciccotti9/18/20179/20/2017
Advanced Photoshop Online TECH 993-002178 1M.D. Welch9/19/201710/16/2017
Local Government Finance - the Basics CX 248-002178 1Alan Kalt9/19/20179/19/2017
Persuading People CX 254-002178 1Bruce Sanders9/20/20179/20/2017
Microsoft Excel Essentials TECH 301-002178 1Diana Adams9/21/20179/21/2017
Performance Management CSM 104-002178 1Bruce Sanders9/21/20179/22/2017
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Program AMP 400-002178 1Rishi Malhotra9/22/201710/20/2017
Writing in the Workplace: An Essential Skill CX 243-002178 1Ph.D. Steve Mulvenon9/26/20179/26/2017
Working with the Problem Employee CX 128-002178 1Kim McNamara9/28/20179/28/2017
Social Media Essentials for Nonprofits CNP 112-002178 1Todd Felts, Ed.D.9/29/20179/29/2017


TitleCourseTermSection#Instructor(s)Start DateEnd Date
Advanced Composite Structures: Fabrication and Damage Repair – Phase I MFG 101-002178 2Lou Dorworth10/2/201710/6/2017
Project Management Essentials CPML 101-002178 1James King, PMP10/3/201710/12/2017
Improve Your Workplace Teamwork Through Emergenetics® CX 256-002178 2Shera Alberti-Annunzio10/4/201710/4/2017
Listening Skills in the Workplace CX 234-002178 1Gordon Zimmerman10/6/201710/6/2017
Digital Marketing Essentials Online Certificate LEAD 305-002178 1Mike McDowell10/10/201711/20/2017
Human Resources Training and Development CHR 103-002178 1Kim McNamara10/10/201710/10/2017
Digital Marketing Strategies: Maximizing Your Visibility LEAD 203-002178 1Mike McDowell10/11/201710/25/2017
Microsoft Word Essentials TECH 304-002178 1Diana Adams10/12/201710/12/2017
Advanced Grantwriting CX 185-002178 1Vivienne French10/13/201710/13/2017
PMP/CAPM Credential Exam Preparation CPML 300-002178 1William R. Ball, PMP10/14/201710/21/2017
Advanced Management of Slot Operations GM 103-0042178 1Claudia Winkler, Buddy Frank, Siobhan Fajayan, Greg Vorreyer, Jeff Jordan10/16/201710/19/2017
Adobe Premiere Online TECH 997-002178 1M.D. Welch10/17/201711/13/2017
Illustrator Online TECH 994-002178 1M.D. Welch10/17/201711/13/2017
Project Management Certificate Program Online CPML 305-002178 1Cheryl Allen10/17/201712/4/2017
Public Finance: How the Dollars Are Distributed CPM 103-002178 1Alan Kalt10/18/201710/18/2017
Legal Aspects & Liability Issues for Employers CSM 102-002178 1Anthony Hall10/19/201710/20/2017
Microsoft Excel Essentials TECH 301-002178 2Diana Adams10/24/201710/24/2017
Safety Issues for HR: Recording and Reporting CX 242-002178 1Sharolyn Wilson10/24/201710/24/2017
Delegating Efficiently and Effectively CX 225-002178 1Veronica Frenkel10/25/201710/25/2017
Advanced Composite Structures: Fabrication and Damage Repair – Phase I MFG 101-002178 3Lou Dorworth10/30/201711/3/2017


TitleCourseTermSection#Instructor(s)Start DateEnd Date
Problem Solving: Creating Solutions CX 230-002178 1Veronica Frenkel11/2/201711/2/2017
QuickBooks for Small Business TECH 801-002178 1Marie Gibson11/2/201711/3/2017
Compensation & Benefits CHR 104-002178 1Christy Wheeler11/3/201711/3/2017
Microsoft Word Intermediate / Advanced TECH 306-002178 1Diana Adams11/7/201711/7/2017
Writing a Winning Blog and Social Media Marketing Strategy LEAD 134-002178 1Jessica Reeder11/7/201711/9/2017
Effective Communications Skills in the Workplace CSM 101-002178 1Gordon Zimmerman11/8/201711/9/2017
Executive Development Program GM 901-002178 1Mark Lipparelli, Bo Bernhard11/11/201711/19/2017
After Effects Online TECH 998-002178 1M.D. Welch11/14/201712/11/2017
Bringing Out the Best of a Multigenerational Workforce CX 229-002178 1Katherine Prendergast11/14/201711/28/2017
InDesign Online TECH 995-002178 1M.D. Welch11/14/201712/11/2017
Managing with MS Project CPML 202-002178 1Eric Baryol11/14/201711/16/2017
Mobile Marketing LEAD 136-002178 1Chad Hallert11/14/201711/16/2017
Public Sector Human Resources CPM 105-002178 1Robert Morin11/15/201711/15/2017
Microsoft Excel Intermediate TECH 302-002178 1Diana Adams11/16/201711/16/2017
Social Media and HR: Developing an Action Plan to Minimize Risk CX 241-002178 1Charity Felts11/17/201711/17/2017
Project Management: Beyond the Basics CPML 107-002178 1Lisa Bausell, MBA, PMP11/28/201712/7/2017
Talking Till You're Blue? How to Handle Difficult Conversations CX 228-002178 1Veronica Frenkel11/30/201711/30/2017


TitleCourseTermSection#Instructor(s)Start DateEnd Date
Strategies for Understanding Financial Statements CSM 105-002178 1Alan Kalt12/1/201712/1/2017
Advanced Composite Structures: Fabrication and Damage Repair – Phase I MFG 101-002178 4Lou Dorworth12/4/201712/8/2017
Digital Analytics: Measuring Your Online Efforts LEAD 116-002178 1Chad Hallert12/5/201712/7/2017
Microsoft Excel Advanced TECH 303-002178 1Diana Adams12/5/201712/5/2017
Employment, Placement & Practices CHR 101-002178 1Karyn Jensen12/7/201712/7/2017
Financial Accounting and Analysis GM 502-002178 1Bob Ellsworth, Siobhan Fajayan, Greg Vorreyer, Darrell Clifton, Lynda Hartzell12/11/201712/14/2017
Administrative Law: Understanding Policy, Rules and Decisions CPM 104-002178 1Teresa Rankin12/13/201712/13/2017
Workplace Violence: Don't Be Blindsided CX 129-002178 1Veronica Frenkel12/15/201712/15/2017


TitleCourseTermSection#Instructor(s)Start DateEnd Date
Managing & Supervising People CSM 103-002182 1Robert Morin1/18/20181/19/2018
Employee Relations CHR 102-002182 1Kim McNamara1/23/20181/23/2018
Symphonic Choir PA 101-002182 1Paul Torkelson1/23/20185/15/2018
Unions 101 CX 250-002182 1Melissa Marsh1/25/20181/25/2018
Public Management: Goals and Practices CPM 101-002182 1Eric Herzik1/26/20181/26/2018
Beginning Photoshop Online TECH 992-002182 1M.D. Welch1/30/20182/26/2018
Effective Discipline & Documentation CX 111-002182 1Karyn Jensen1/30/20181/30/2018