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TitleCourseTermSection#Instructor(s)Start DateEnd Date
Talking Till You're Blue? How to Handle Difficult Conversations CX 228-002182 1Veronica Frenkel4/25/20184/25/2018
Administrative Law: Understanding Policy, Rules and Decisions CPM 104-002182 1Teresa Rankin4/27/20184/27/2018


TitleCourseTermSection#Instructor(s)Start DateEnd Date
Online Marketing Strategies for Small Business Owners LEAD 121-002182 1Melody Ann5/1/20185/3/2018
Problem Solving: Creating Solutions CX 230-002182 1Veronica Frenkel5/2/20185/2/2018
Microsoft Excel Advanced TECH 303-002182 1Diana Adams5/3/20185/3/2018
Advanced Composite Structures: Fabrication and Damage Repair – Phase I MFG 101-002182 5Lou Dorworth5/7/20185/11/2018
Conducting an Effective Workplace Investigation CX 249-002182 1Molly Rezac5/8/20185/9/2018
Strategies for Understanding Financial Statements CSM 105-002182 1Alan Kalt5/11/20185/11/2018
Advanced Composite Manufacturing 2 MFG 102-002182 2Lou Dorworth5/14/20185/18/2018
Digital Analytics: Measuring Your Online Efforts LEAD 116-002182 1Chad Hallert5/15/20185/17/2018
Effective Discipline & Documentation CX 111-002182 2Karyn Jensen5/17/20185/17/2018
Beginning Photoshop Online TECH 992-002185 1M.D. Welch5/22/20186/18/2018
Business Writing for Results CX 132-002182 1Bill Brown5/22/20185/23/2018
Microsoft Excel Essentials TECH 301-002182 3Diana Adams5/22/20185/22/2018
Slot Academy GM 150-002182 5Lucien Wijsman5/29/20185/31/2018


TitleCourseTermSection#Instructor(s)Start DateEnd Date
Critical Skills For Supervisors: Managing Today’s Workforce CX 222-002185 1Melanie Minarik6/1/20186/1/2018
Advanced Composite Structures: Fabrication and Damage Repair – Phase I MFG 101-002185 1Lou Dorworth6/4/20186/8/2018
Managing & Supervising People CSM 103-002185 1Robert Morin6/7/20186/8/2018
Strategic Casino Management (online) GM 751-002185 1Judith Hayes, Dayna Hinkel6/10/20187/7/2018
Conducting Successful Interviews CX 106-002185 1Karyn Jensen6/12/20186/12/2018
Human Resources Leadership: Becoming a Business Partner AHR 107-002185 1Patricia Downs6/14/20186/15/2018
Microsoft Excel Intermediate TECH 302-002185 1Diana Adams6/14/20186/14/2018


TitleCourseTermSection#Instructor(s)Start DateEnd Date
Advanced Composite Structures: Fabrication and Damage Repair – Phase I MFG 101-002185 2Lou Dorworth7/9/20187/13/2018
Microsoft Excel Advanced TECH 303-002185 1Diana Adams7/10/20187/10/2018
Management of Slot Operations GM 106-0062185 1Greg Vorreyer, Darrell Clifton, Jeff Jordan7/16/20187/19/2018


TitleCourseTermSection#Instructor(s)Start DateEnd Date
Advanced Mediation Certificate CMCR 111-002185 1Claudia Wahl, Monica Kales8/1/20188/3/2018
Advanced Composite Structures: Fabrication and Damage Repair – Phase I MFG 101-002185 3Lou Dorworth8/6/20188/10/2018
Casino Operations: An Inside Look (online) GM 753-002185 1Judith Hayes, Dayna Hinkel8/12/20189/8/2018
Elements & Legalities of the Nonprofit CNP 101-002185 1Shera Alberti-Annunzio8/17/20188/17/2018
Performance-Based Surveillance Operations GM 324-002185 1Mike Menz, Alan Zajic, Sal Piacente, Jessie Beaudoin8/27/20188/30/2018


TitleCourseTermSection#Instructor(s)Start DateEnd Date
Management of Table Games GM 201-0012188 1Bob Ellsworth, William Zender, Bob Del Rossi9/17/20189/20/2018